Saturday, June 28, 2008

Funky him . . . .

Pattern Dashing by Knitty

Knitted by moi

Tea by Bussells

Anzac by moi

Mug by Mawell Williams

Friday, June 27, 2008

Art Nouveau Wedding Cake Tower

Just what Purple Tiger from flickr ordered for her wedding. The over all design was created from her stunning b/w art nouveau influenced invitations.

Elegant and Devine, dark chocolate mud cake, covered with special vanilla buttercream and encased in chocolate rolled fondant. Styled with handrolled swirls, delicate handmade leaves and flowers, and edible sugar pearls.

The next two layers consisted a selection of white or dark chocolate mini mud cakes, decorated in the same intricate style.

What do you think?

Still flat but hopefully getting over it . . .

If you are still visiting after such little action, then thank you. I do understand if you have moved on to more consistent bloggers, I understand the attraction. As you may see I have done some mid winter cleaning (getting a head start on spring) and hopefully this will give me the boost I have been missing.

I haven't been idol though cakes and cupcakes have been slow but it has given me time to knit, yes I know kit, there have been gloves and scarves and even a bag flying off of my needles in the last couple of months, like cupcakes fly out of my kitchen.

I'll be back tomorrow to give you a large serve of the baked goods that have been created and an update of the month to come.

In the meantime check out my new gloves (Pattern - Fetching from Knitty) and oh so chic nail polish (Lincon Park after Dark by OPi).