Sunday, March 11, 2007

And more . .

Mater Cake
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4th - Mater Cake (the best and the easiest)

Chocolate Buttercake and Fabulous Carrot Cake, layered to resemble sedimentary layers, with pockets of rubble (choc sultanas). Frosted with yellow buttercream and topped with crushed up Violet Crumbles (which absorbed moisture overnight, and created a slightly sticky top) and surrounded with lots of chocolate sultanas.

Oh it so works!

Mater chosen by the birthday boy and is remote controlled.

But Wait there's more . .

3rd - 60th Birthday Cake

2 layers of Orange Buttercake with 1 layer of Carrot Cake, filled with Maramlade Italian Buttercream. Finished with Vanilla Italian Buttercream, gold edible glitter and white choclate dots. 60 is made from modelling paste and spikes are the candles. The colours for this one are not what I had envisaged, but still effective.

The Weekend cont...

2nd - Pink Stars Cake

Chocolate Cake layered with Raspberry Buttercream, styled with same Raspberry Buttercream and Pink Glittered Fondant Stars. A very simple cake but oversweet, the buttercream was a bought one, not my usual Italian Buttercream. I was a little rushed so the edges are not quite as finished, but I do love the colour.

OMG What a Weekend

1st - The Rainbow Paddle Pop Cake

In Australia we have stick icecreams called Paddle Pops, one of the flavours is basically a tasteless milky vanilla which looks extactly (maybe a little less pink) like the icing effect on this cake.

This one gave me grief, the Italian Buttercream just wasn't its usual beautiful self, tasted delish, but wasn't behaving. The cake was supposed to have delicate swirls covering in but the buttercream just wouldn't pipe without cracking (you can see a little bit of the problem on the bottom piping). So I got out my trusty balls and went nuts. I love silver balls, they are so effective. If look closely enough you should be able to see me reflected. As for the inside its the Orange Buttercake filled with Marmalade Italian Buttercream.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The mystery is now solved SugarLove from flicker has directed me to the original designer of the Topsy Turvy Cake that my bride requested. This stunning website does quickly show the exact cake (on the front page in a slide show). Considering that I have used the picture of a cake that was taken by a guest and that cake itself was recreated from a picture in a magazine we have been lucky to find the original creator.

This site shows some stunning cakes which are definitely original in their styling and design. One of my favourites is the stacked fruit, so if you wish to see some really beautifully created topsy turvy cakes please visit Pollys Cakes.

Once again thank you SugarLove

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hi-Top Cupcake

Hi-Top Cupcake - Mini
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I made these cupcakes for the first time last year at the beginning of my cupcake odyssey, I had found the wonderful 52 cupcakes blog by cupcake queen and have never looked back.

Back to the first time, well I made them for a friends 'lights out' party (they hadn't finished their renovations - so lights out was to hide the unpainted walls - great idea don't you think), anyway, the cupcakes were perfect, mint instead of almond, nestled in a bed of mini licorice all sorts on my Allessi platter (forgot to take a photo). They looked a million dollars, and what did I do as I walked down the driveway. I rolled my ankle and dropped the lot - upside down, not one was saved! They still tasted fab, but what a disaster.

My dad ordered dozens of cupcakes to take to work for his birthday and left the selection up to me so I had another excuse to bake them in minis and regular sizes and this time as per the recipe, almond flavour. Oh so Divine, and this time I got pictures.

I highly recommend this recipe (orginally by Elinor Klivans), it takes a little time (you can, if you want, work over a couple of days) but the results are stunning and your cupcakes will be the talk of the town.

Once again, many thanks to the cupcake queen at 52 cupcakes. Her tireless work and dedication to the cupcake cause gives hope and calories to the whole world. Oh and Layla her pooch is a honey. How does she get Layla to pose for the pics.