Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dragon Fly Cake

Made for my lovely SIL's 50th, is a mad about Dragon Flies and is an extremely talented mosaic'r so the cake design just stemmed from these two starting points.

Bottom layer torted Chocolate Butter cake and Banana cake with Nutella Italian Buttercream.
Top Layer torted Chocolate Butter cake and Coffee cake with Nutella Italian Buttercream.

You can see more photos on my flickr photostream, I have another mosaic ed cake to post, fingers crossed I'll get it up today.

P.S. A lovely person on flickr asked - 'How long did this take?'

Too long! The decorating started at 8.45am with torted and crumbed cakes, and hour off for lunch and finished at 6.10pm, with me jumping in the shower, scraping the icing off my hands, washing my hair, slapping on some make-up and getting out into the kitchen to take some pictures (boo night photography). To get to the other side of town by 7.30pm. We made it just! Then it was cosmos and blackjack, until 11pm, and a drunken drive home (I wasn't driving) and silly texts to my best friend. Waking up the next morning thinking argh now I have to clean up. Long story to a simple answer, it took about 9 hours.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Men don't do pretty . . . cakes

Men don't do pretty . . . cakes, so when I was asked to create a 60th Birthday Cake for a friends Dad and the brief was marbled chocolate cake, the logical answer to me was to create this cake.

And also I wanted to have 60 candles but without burning the house down. I love how this one turned out.

Two tiers of Classic Marbled Chocolate and Vanilla Cake, torted with Oreo Biscuits and Cream, covered in dark chocolate ganache. Styled with 60 handmade dark and white chocolate transfer candles and a two toned chocolate 60. All edible, all good. Serves 35 - 50 depending on your slice size.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Superhero & Villain Cupcakes

Choose your cupcake, are you a Superhero or a Villain?

This is the ideal setup for a Superhero vs. Villain Fancy Dress Party, the birthday girls dressed up as the Villains Medusa and Bonnie (from Bonnie & Clyde) maybe Villains are sexier?

I created a series of mini cupcake toppers using the chocolate transfer method:

Superheros included: Superman, Sheriff, Robin Hood, Batman, Flash Gordon

Villains included: Medusa, Bonnie, Scream, Joker, Green Lantern, the Devil, Dracula

In hind sight there were so many more I could have added and this setup / design is adaptable to many different formats.

The cupcakes themselves were 50/50 vanilla and chocolate, with 50/50 vanilla and chocolate frosting.

A great suggest that was made later was halo transfers on angle food cupcakes and the devils on devils food cupcakes.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Review - Just Cupcakes, Melbourne

The kids and I decided to go for a drive this month to visit a wonderful Farmers Market at Yerring Station. The main reason for going was to go and check out and meet one of our fellow Flickr members and alround nice lady Just Cupcakes! We couldn't leave without buying some to sample, and unfortunately some was just not enough.

The pink one in the front White Chocolate & Raspberry was my favourite, lovely texture, and the frosting is not overly sweet.

Top left was a Mud cupcake, a lovely lightly crumbed mud cake, more a cross between your classic chocolate cake and a muddy mud cake. Didn't make me scream for a glass of milk but throughly enjoyed.

Top Right, Vanilla Cupcake, just what you would expect from a vanilla cupcake, moist, fine crumb with a tasty not too sweet frosting, mind you we fought over the chocs on top.

If you are in Victoria and need cupcakes Just Cupcakes is the lady to call check her photostream outon Flickr.