Sunday, February 25, 2007

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake
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Well I am very proud to announce that I have just completed my first wedding cake. Upon reflection, I now realise that I set my standards bar very high. I will not pretend that it was easy in any way, but the techniques that I got to practice and the complications (like heat and humidity) I had to overcome were all a great learning curve.

Red & Yellow Tiers - Rich Chocolate Butter cake, filled with two layers of Espresso Italian Buttercream, oh so delicious.

Blue Tiers - Fresh Orange Butter cake, filled with two layers of Marmalade Italian Buttercream, adds an interesting twist.

Creative Process

Cake covered and styled with White Chocolate Flavoured Fondant, all decorations made from same fondant. There is a touch of edible glitter on the roses and flannel flowers, I love edible glitter.

Who can my bride & I  thank?
Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake
Originally uploaded by cupcaketastic.

Does anyone know who developed this cake design, I need to thank them and give them credit for their fab work. The original picture I found is on flickr, thank you to Princes of Ilyr who posted the picture and for providing such a wonderful inspiration.

A big thank you to a lovely friend who watched my kids at various times, unfortunately my kids are as obsessed about cake & cupcakes as I am, and they particularly love to 'help' with what they think is playdoh (fondant).

We'll be getting back to making cupcakes soon (I don't even want to look at the kitchen at the moment), and there are quite a few family & friend birthdays in March, strangely they have all requested big cakes, so keep checking back for them this month. Also does anyone have any requests ie. recipes or decorating techniques etc, ideas for posts. Gotta fly!


Minko said...

Looks great. Congratulations. Well deserved break from baking.

Sam said...

it looks incredible to me.
I might even have to consider getting married after seeing that!

Garrett said...

Holy crap... That's amazing.

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks guys. Holy Crap is something I have heard about the cake a couple of times, along with "are you mad".

Sam - think carefully, you don't need to get married to have a fab cake.

Bake to the kitchen on Thursday - wish me luck (I am actually having cravings).

Kristen said...

I created a blogger account just so I could post on your blog and this particular post. This cake is AMAZING!! Holy cow! I am so impressed!
Very well done!

sus said...

How lovely!


Shawnda said...

That was your *first* cake?! Wow - wonderful job!

acaligurl said...

geez that is a work of art!! beautiful.

Cupcake Queen said...

OMG! Your cake is so beautiful...I absolutely love it!

Here is the link to the hitop cupcakes recipe (I had to change hosting companies):

Keep up the great work!

Twiggy said...

luv luv luuuuvvv!!!

roopa said...


Have you heard of Charm City Cakes? It's a bakery in Baltimore, Maryland (in the US) and the guy who runs it makes cakes just like this.

But, back to you - I just discovered your site and all your cuppers are beautiful. I'm crazy about the ganache galaxy cupcakes. Where do you get that glitter? I've searched the best baking supply store in New York City and they only have that large flaky glitter and luster dust. I want glitter!