Sunday, March 11, 2007

And more . .

Mater Cake
Originally uploaded by cupcaketastic.
4th - Mater Cake (the best and the easiest)

Chocolate Buttercake and Fabulous Carrot Cake, layered to resemble sedimentary layers, with pockets of rubble (choc sultanas). Frosted with yellow buttercream and topped with crushed up Violet Crumbles (which absorbed moisture overnight, and created a slightly sticky top) and surrounded with lots of chocolate sultanas.

Oh it so works!

Mater chosen by the birthday boy and is remote controlled.


La Coco said...

WOW!! I totally love your cake designs! You're very creative with your decorations! Do you make these for sale or just for friends and family?

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks, they are all 'cakes of love' for friends and family, I would love to have a cake/cupcake styling/decorating business. I offer my services to increase my skills base and to give me a creative outlet. On the bigger cakes I make sure that my friends help with the ingredient costs, otherwise I'd be broke.