Sunday, March 11, 2007

OMG What a Weekend

1st - The Rainbow Paddle Pop Cake

In Australia we have stick icecreams called Paddle Pops, one of the flavours is basically a tasteless milky vanilla which looks extactly (maybe a little less pink) like the icing effect on this cake.

This one gave me grief, the Italian Buttercream just wasn't its usual beautiful self, tasted delish, but wasn't behaving. The cake was supposed to have delicate swirls covering in but the buttercream just wouldn't pipe without cracking (you can see a little bit of the problem on the bottom piping). So I got out my trusty balls and went nuts. I love silver balls, they are so effective. If look closely enough you should be able to see me reflected. As for the inside its the Orange Buttercake filled with Marmalade Italian Buttercream.

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