Friday, June 8, 2007

So Many Photos of Hi-Top Cupcakes - Minis

But so I don't bore you I've just chosen 3. These and I should say many of these were created for my brother 'snot-face's' birthday last weekend.

All his guests has to arrive as something starting with the letter 'B', I contemplated going as a baker but it was really not a good look, so I decided on 'Black & Bling', (Bling was from the Bling cake in May as it is not normal to have so much), hubby went as a 'Beggar' as he is still using a crutch and is currently wearing KT-26's under doctors orders. A ripped shirt, pair of old jeans, fingerless gloves, dark dirty makeup and doggy beanie completed his look. Doesn't help that he hasn't cut his hair in months, in preparation for a 70's Party next month. He so looked the part.

But back to the cupcakes, if you want the secrets on how to create this little beauties I have already posted about their cousins here.

Honestly, what do you think of my photos? Do you think I should invest in a light box type thing or do you like the alla natural light and not too fussy settings that I use. Speaking of liking photos La Tarine Gourmand is hosting June's Does My Blog Look Good in This? do any of my photo's in my May posts qualify? Should I enter and if so which one, I can't choose.

It ended up being a really busy weekend, I had a date with some fellow Australian bloggers Minh of ecupcake and Melissa of Inquisitrix.

They are both such interesting ladies, Minh creates the most delicious cupcake recipes, spending a lot of her time on flavour and recipe development, that I tend not to do, and she think runs out of time to do the pretty stuff that I am obsessed with. If only we lived in the same city. Oh the possibilities. Melissa is Minh's great friend by marriage (she stole Minh off of her husband) and she has a wicked sense of humor and from what I hear a really bad oven.

Better get back to work, ie washing dishes, vacuuming, washing etc.


Minko said...

Enter the maple syrup cupcakes.

landa said...

I really would like to try this recipe but I'm scared. Is it easier to do minis or regular sized cupcakes?

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks Minh.

Landa, the recipe is designed for regular size so you may find it easier to follow, butI cannot stress how easy it actually is to make either. I like the minis as they are easier to eat, but both are fab. The hardest part is the marshmallow frosting, and its really not that difficult. You have mastered Macaroons and I see that you have a candy/sugar thermometer so you will have no probs. Get into the kitchen.

PrissyCook said...

I like what you're able to capture in natural light, but it's always fun to be able to capture different perspectives- so maybe a light box would let you create more scenes?

Melissa said...

Hi Kim - Getting the the best light possible never hurts you, but poor lighting turns people off. And you don't have to buy a lightbox. You can make one for basically nothing. Check this out:

You can research online for a million other ways to craft a lightbox inexpensively.

And by the way, when we met you asked me about maple syrup and bacon. I have had maple cured bacon and such, but Minh told me you meant that those flavors were to be in a cupcake. I don't know that I would be so eager to try that flavor combination. :D


Frosted Garden said...

I lovelovelovelove these!!!! I have showed everyone I know and I can't wait to try them out! Terrific!!

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks frosted garden they are so yum.

Ta Muchly Melissa, when I get five minutes I am going to have to get onto the lightbox issue, maybe after I go to ikea.