Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Eek, quick off the top of my head ...... big breath - go.

1. I talk to worms, and sniff compost. The thing I love down most after baking is getting my fingernails dirty in the garden. Enough said.
2. I see cupcake & cake designs everywhere. That might be obvious.
3. I was so scared the first time I saw Gremlins, that I walked out.
4. I procrastinate.
5. I love period dramas and historical movies.
6. I am addicted to listening to Audio Tapes and have been since I was 16.
7. I am secretly fascinated by celebrities and their lives (shh. don't tell anyone).

And now I tag . . . . Acaligirl who was one of my first readers, Frosted Garden, and Milk & Cookies cause I love the casual way she writes and her photos make me want to eat.


Steph said...

I'm working on my 7 things. They will be in my other blog though, don't know if you have it...Little Boxes on the Hillside!

Laurel said...

When I was younger it was the same thing.. Only Jurassic Park. I kind of feel silly looking back on it...