Monday, May 7, 2007

The NO FLOUR Cupcake

The NO FLOUR Cupcake
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Question - What do you make when you want to make some cupcakes but have no flour?
Answer - Cheese Cake Cupcakes

These were suprisingly easy to make and came out really well. The only difference is that I used homemade Apricot Jam which upon reflection was made with a minimal sugar and therefore the topping/glaze did not set as firmly as hoped. But it is such a good Apricot Jam.

I took these to our C4 get together - (Craft, Coffee, Chat, Club - oh how cute) the last C could also stand for Cupcake or Cookie depending on how much I feel like baking. Its luckly that I got these ones out of the house quickly as cheese cake is so fattening, yum.

As for the recipe it is another one from the Australian Women's Weekly 'cupcakes' book. The basics are as follows:

Base - crushed biscuits with melted butter, set in the fridge.

Filling - mixture of creamed cheese, caster sugar, eggs and vanilla.

Baked for 25 minutes in a Slow oven.

Topping - homemade apricot jam with a little rum, coolled slightly and poured onto coolled cakes.

I think that many of you out there have your favourite baked cheesecake recipe, and I think its the baking time is all that will need to be adjusted. You could add your favourite citrus zest to the filling to give it more depth, top them with berries and glaze. Then there is always the non-fruit type cheesecakes, coffee, peanut butter, chocolate, & mint etc. Its just the convenience and portion control of the cupcake that makes them ideal.

What's your favourite cheesecake?

Mother's day is fast approaching, and it'll be cupcake mania here, I just have to decide which ones I am going to make.


Garrett said...

I did a flourless ancho chili chocolate cake that was muy shibby. Like these fabulous cheesecake cupcakes, it's perfect for my gluten free friends. I'll be sure to send them this way to check these out! Love the addition of rum, btw!

Monika Korngut said...

They look great, I love apricot jam, I have never tried it on cheesecake but I'm sure its delicious! :)

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks guys, I am trying find an occasion to make a chili/chocolate cupcake, I have my eye on the recipe by chockylit. As for the flourless I have to be careful when baking for the family as my little boy is allergic to peanuts and almonds. The apricot jam in these is very special and not your run of the mill.

Monika - cheese and fruit its always a winner.