Monday, May 28, 2007

Pinwheel Cake

Pinwheel Cake
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Not all my baking works out. This cake looks elegant and simply delicious, and the first mouthful was full of promise. But oh the disappointment.

Basically its a light chocolate cake, very dense and packed with sugar, and melted chocolate swirled through the raw batter. Looked & smelt lovely in the oven, but alas it sunk when it was brought out.

The filling is a chocolate butter cream, your basic butter, icing sugar, vanilla and melted chocolate, but too sweet not chocolaty enough.

I felt that there was no depth of flavour, being too sweet and sickly, and I could really taste the butter. I love the styling that I did, very simple and classic, but its all show and no substance.


landa said...

Is this the one from Whimsical Bakehouse? I made it and didnt like it at all.

Emira said...

How did you make the white petals for the top? I have a cake to make for a friend's birthday in a week and I'd love to "style" it like this (though use a different recipe given your review).

cupcaketastic said...

Yes Landa its the Whimsical Bakehouse one. So disappointing. Maybe I wont try it again since you were disappointed too.

Emira - the white petals are just petal/leaf shapes made from white fondant (you could also use modelling paste). I shaped the leaf/petal then left them to dry on some egg cartons to help them to retain their shape. Use when completely dry, it could take a couple of days if you are using the fondant. Good Luck.