Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where have I been?

Sorry about the lack of cupcakes and cakes, since Easter I have been in SA on a holiday with the kids and family. Just wonderful to get away from the oven and dishes. It was all about beach, sun, riding bikes, fishing, family, wine tasting, breakfast and dinner on the beach and just taking it easy. Mind you I did bake a celebration cake whilst we were away (see previous post), I seriously can't help myself. And I am suffering from drastic cupcake withdrawal, so I have just baked a batch of cheese-cake cupcakes will post the results soon.

We had some wonderful meals, Fab REAL Aussie Hamburgers, Fish and Chips to die for (the fish was lightly crumbed & battered in a mixture of breadcrumbs, poppy seeds and green onions - omg), some fabulous dim sims and all from a doggy fish and chip shop, not what you normally expect. The kids drank litres of chocolate milk and I have been weaning them off it since we came back, also in SA Frtiz (type of processed cold meat) is all the go and they lived on Fritz and tomato sauce sandwiches for alot of the time, that combined with vegemite & toast, yoyo biscuits, bananas, apples and raw carrots made up the bulk of their diet.

All up it made for a wonderful time, and a light tan before Autumn and Winter really starts. Now back to the kitchen.

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