Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Gala Darling

I bravely offered to make the most fabbo Gala Darling writer and blogger of Icing glittery cupcakes for her birthday (today) as she too is from Melbourne, and deserves to be spoilt. She accepted so we arranged a safe handover place with her and completed the transaction yesterday, kids in tow. Believe me she is gorgeous - pink hair, I love NY T, tall, stunning, she stops traffic.

So I came up with light and tasty coconut cupcakes, topped with super soft marshmallow in blue, pink or purple, styled with stars or hearts and metallic sugar balls. I didn't sample these but the batter was scrummy and the marshmallow frosting is super soft and sweet but doesn't hit you straight away. So I have to wait to find out what she thought.

If you get a chance check out her site Icing and you will be forever addicted to her outlook on life.

Light and tasty coconut cupcakes, topped with super soft marshmallow in blue, pink or purple, styled with stars or hearts and metallic sugar balls.

Happy Birthday Gala Darling


Icy said...

You've completely inspired me to make cupcakes this weekend! Yours look soooo divine!

Sherry said...

Wow, those look AMAZING. You wouldn't be willing to share the recipe, would you?

I adore anything coconut and marshmallow frosting sounds divine!

Minko said...

Love the marshmallow frosting!!

Which coconut cupcake recipe did you use?

Have you seen the new litte AWW cupcake and cookie book? It only has a couple of different cupcake recipes otherwise they are from the cupcake book.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

those are soooooo cute!!!

Chic and Charming said...

I love the look of the marshmallow frosting! Those almost look too good to eat!

bluepig said...

Beautiful.. especially the close up pix on the purple one with the golden pearl at the tip of the swirl...magical.. by way, happy belated birthday to you cupcaketastic!!

b.kyubyub said...

your cupcakes always look so beautiful and scumptious!!

I(dot)J said...

Happy belated birthday to you.
You are all inspiring.

Mike said...


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SuperGlobalHyperMeganet said...

wow, all your cupcakes are SO gorgeous, too good to eat!
i see you're from melbourne, do you run a business from this page or do you not do orders?
I would love to know if I can purchase any of your delicious goodies!!!?

chocolatechic said...

Your blog was linked from another blog I read. So, right before bed, my eyes were glued to your lovely confections.

Then in the night I dreamed.....I dreamed about your marshmallow icing........I dreamed I was eating it.....then drowning in it.

Would you be willing to share the recipe.

Queen Of My Domain said...

Wow those are absolutely beautiful. I bet they tasted wonderful as well.

Garrett said...

What's the recipe for that colorful marshmellow frosting? I'm so curious as it looks so much glossier and nicer than mine ever comes out.

uberannie said...

Hi Cupcaketastic,

OMG these look absolutely awesome! I love how the marshmallow frosting looks all soft and yet still retains the piped shaped.

yum yum yum indeed :D

Minko said...

Yes I'd love the recipe for the marshmallow icing too!!
I've got a little girl's birthday coming up and this frosting would be fabulous.

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks for visiting Icy, hope your cupcakes turned out well.

Sherry, thanks for the lovely comments, I'll get the recipes up asap.

Hey Minko, its from Crabapple Bakery, and I'll post it soon, with the changes that I made. AWW new cookbook, I have seen it and your right, not much that is new. Its a pass for me.

How to eat a cupcake, b.kyubyub & chic and charming, thanks for visiting and the lovely comments.

Bluepig, I love the swirly one and am thinking that it will be my new blog header, if I can getit to work.

Bluepig & i[dot] Thanks for the b'day wishes it seems like such a long time ago now.

Thanks for the invite Mike, I'll definitely do an interview.

SuperGlobalHyperMeganet - thanks for visiting great to hear from a fellow Melbournite. This blog is not a business (mind you one day it would be great to make a living from bringing happiness & smiles to peoples lives) as all my cakes are cakes of love, but if you have a special occasion that you have in mind and I am free I would love an excuse to make more cakes and cupcakes. If you are serious then contact me

Hi chocolate chic, welcome, I really should put a disclamer about viewing before bedtime or late at night. I'll post the recipe for the marshmallow soon.

Queen of the domain I believe from Gala they were delishious.

Hi Garrett, I'm onto getting the recipe up asap.

Uberannie I was abit worried but it worked out ok.

Tartelette said...

That third picture is just magical! Great job!

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks tartlette, I love the macro shots I got of these cupcakes.

Tanya said...

They look fabulous... how do you get the icing to look so pretty and stay on?

countrygirlcityliving said...

How beautiful! I have never seen such beautiful cupcakes. And the wayt he metallic bells cling to the tip of the!