Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pretty Pink Coconut Cupcakes - Samantha's 3rd Birthday

My little helper/ratbag/cupcake theif turned 3 on the 2th Oct, and guess what we had cupcakes, as well as the castle cake, we're just greedy.

Coconut Cupcakes frosted with Pink Vanilla Buttercream, styled with purple edible glitter, pink, yellow & white sprinkles and pink & white sugar butterflies.

Cupcakes baked by cupcaketastic, Cupcakes decorated by very close friends, cupcaketastic had to leave the room so she wouldn't take over! Thank you Abby, Christina & Zach, you did a great job.

And why is cupcaketastic talking about herself in the third person? Very strange.


acaligurl said...

pink is my favorite color. those look yummy.

Cakelaw said...

How gorgeous - makes me want to be a little girl again!

cupcaketastic said...

I used to dislike pink, even avoid it but now I am quite partical to a little pink now and then. Cakelaw you don't have to be a little girl to enjoy pink!

Zephyr said...

This is any little girl's dream party, I wish I could cook like that *_________*

congratulations, you're very talented!

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I love these! Where did you get that stand??