Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seville Orange Cupcakes

Once again a set of cupcakes for the community garden that I am co-ordinator for. These ones are for a session on how to 'Create an Energy Efficient Home'.

Seville Orange Marmalade & Dark Chocolate Cupcakes dusted expertly (by my special helper) with icing sugar.

We also had rounds of Zuchini & Bacon Frittata and Silverbeet & Feta Frittata topped with Tomato Relish and fresh chives. And mini vege pizzas.

I get questions about my time, and how do I get it all done, looking after 2 kids etc. Well I just shrug my shoulders and say that baking keeps me happy. But I have to confess that I DO have an assistant. Check her out!

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