Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Does anyone have any questions about, cakes, cupcakes, cake deco supplies, tachniques and the community garden, that you might have asked in the past and I never got back to you? Or want to ask.

If you do please ask again in the comments on this post and I will get a Q & A post happening.


chocolatechic said...

Where do you get your dregees?

What kind of glittery stuff do you use?

What is your favorite frosting to use?

I just want you to know that you have totally inspired me.

chocolatechic said...

Please tell me about white chocolate fondant.

My son and I are taking a cake decorating class on fondant.

Fondant tastes gross, and I hate to make anything that tastes gross. Do you have a recipe?

wooliegirl said...

I would love to know what tip you use to make your cupcake swirls, as well as the stiffness factor of the icing...they look so tall and gorgeous!

Peta-maree said...

How do i get my buttercream to set

Amrita said...

oh yes, piping tip numbers would be fabulous!!!

ps: i've relocated to

hope u'll ammend the link! thanks!

cupcaketastic said...

Excellent, thanks for the questions I will get on to them over the next few days, will attempt to have visual examples for you too.

Brandie said...

I'd love to get your favorite buttercream recipe. I am looking to make a strawberry buttercream.

Cindy Quick said...

I saw your mini cupcake bouquet and I love it - going to try and make it for a party - what did you use to hold up the cupcakes? Piping? where do you get piping?

cupcaketastic said...

Ok so I have been away I am planning a post to answer your questions.