Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Disco Ball Cake & Cupcakes

What type of cake do you have to celebrate a 30th Birthday when the theme is 70's Disco? Why a Disco Ball Cake of course!

Chocolate & Rum Disco Cake Ball, styled with royal icing and individual tiles of silver fondant encrusted with edible glitter. Displayed on custom made cupcake stand.

Orange & Rum cupcakes frosted with lushious chocolate fudge icing, styled with orange sprinkles and gold glitter.

Chocolate cupcakes frosted with sherbet sweet white chocolate orange fudge icing, styled with grated chocolate and gold glitter.

Kalhua & White chocolate cupcakes frosted with Kalhua buttercream, styled with freshly ground coffee and gold glitter.


Minko said...

Talk about posting with a vengence. Love the disco cake!!

Shawnda said...

The disco ball cake might just be the coolest cake I've ever seen!

cupcaketastic said...

Sorry about the huge influx of posts. I have been hiding from my blog since Friday 13th, I got all shy.

Glad you like/love the disco cake, I'm pretty pleased with it.

Stef said...

Wow.. that disco ball cake is amazing! Love it!

cupcaketastic said...

Thanks stef it was great fun!