Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ready to Disco

There is just about nothing I like more than cupcakes, except dressing up. So when we heard that the theme of the Birthday was 70's Disco we hit the thrift shops with a vengence.

Me : Dress - a Betty Beale Original made in Sydney, Australia. Silver Lurex with green, purple and dark blue flowers. Thrifted for $12.00. Shoes - brand new, love them, bargain only $8.00.

Stud : New headband, thrifted shirt $5.00, light denim jacket (stud's fathers - I knew that there was a reason we were hanging onto it). Shorts - Ambassador, styled for today, they were also thrifted and they still had their original tags, never worn, $5.00. New AFL socks. Shoes - KT26's new this year bought for rehab purposes.

His legs go on forever! Would we have got into a real disco? What do you think?

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