Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mater Cake

Chocolate cake torted with raspberry jam, yellow vanilla buttercream and chocolate sultanas. Styled with yellow vanilla buttercream, crushed Maltessers, Violet Crumble and Choc Sultanas. Birthday boy's own Mater.

And yes, many of you have seen this cake before, the Birthday boy wanted a mater cake and his Mum thought that this would be perfect.


slush said...

My son's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching. And he is beyond obsessed with Cars. This cake would be perfect for him. Can you tell me what kind of candy you used? (Im in the US). Im thinking chocolate covered raisins, whole and smashed malt balls, maybe a smashed up Toblerone? Any tips?

Thanks in advance, Brody is going to flip out about this cake!

cupcaketastic said...

Chocolate covered raisins, whole and smashed malt balls are perfect and then I used Smashed Voilet Crumble which is chocolate covered honeycomb. But realy anything that is going to give you a rubbly looking cake, even some smashed up oreos should work. An early happy birhtday to Brody.